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Pasta is a favorite food of children and adults. It is extremely delicious, economical and nutritious, its quick and easy preparation has made pasta one of the most widely consumed and preferred foods in the world. When asked how to cook the perfect pasta, the Italians come to mind, their various sauces, with their magic touch, turn even the simplest pasta into a magnificent feast. Pasta is actually very easy to cook, but it’s even easier to mess up a packet of pasta if some simple rules are not followed. The following are the tricks of preparing pasta that are insatiable to taste, and of cooking pasta like the Italians.

A large and deep pot should be chosen
The pot you will make pasta should be of the appropriate size. 500 grams of 1 pack of pasta to boil 5 liters of good water should be used on average. The water height should not exceed 3/4 of the pot. If more water is filled, it overflows from the pot when it boils, if it is in less water, the pasta is not cooked well and can stick to the bottom of the pot.

Salt should be added after the water boils
Pasta should be boiled in plenty of salted water, which is as salty as seawater, according to the Italian expression. Salt should be added to 5 liters of water after boiling, not at the beginning, but 1 tablespoon.

Oil should not be put in the water where the pasta is boiled
There is a rumor that if oil is put in the boiling water, the pastas will not stick together. However, the oil forms a protective layer around the pasta and reduces the sauce grip of the pasta.

Before throwing the pasta into the water should be expected to boil thoroughly
No matter how much you’re in a hurry, you shouldn’t throw the pasta into the pot until the water is boiling well.

Once the pasta is in the water, it should stir immediately
When you throw the pasta into the water, it is necessary to mix frequently with the spoon for the first 30 seconds so that it does not stick together. Then it should be mixed every 3 minutes.

The pasta lid should be cooked in an open pot and over a harried heat
The pasta should be boiled over a high heat without ever being cut under the stove and the lid of the pot closed.

For the sauce, the pasta should be slightly separated from the scalding water
For a delicious sauce, 1 cup must be separated from the water from which you boiled the pasta before straining the pasta. This starch-containing water gives the pasta sauce consistency and flavor, allowing it to penetrate easily.

Must be checked 2 minutes before the cooking time specified in the pasta package
To make a perfect pasta, you need to match the cooking time on it. However, the size of the pot, such as the temperature of the water may vary due to reasons such as this time. Especially pasta with sauce should not cook more than it will continue to cook with the sauce. “Al dente” consistency, i.e. outside of the soft inside of the tooth to be in consistency should be checked. Too much cooked pasta sauce can’t hold enough.

Pasta should be strained, never washed
As soon as the pasta is cooked, it should be drained with a strainer with small holes and feet. Large hole strainers drain the cooking water immediately and cause the pasta to stick together. However, if the pasta stays a little moist, it absorbs the sauce thoroughly. Pasta should never be washed. A little starch remains on the surface of the pasta according to the degree of cooking, and this starch helps the pasta to keep the sauce on the surface, which it will soon mix with. If we wash it down, there’s nothing left on its surface and it can’t mix nicely with the sauce, losing a lot of its flavour and nutritional value. However, it can be washed cold when used in salads.

After the pasta is drained, it should be immediately mixed with the sauce and eaten
Pasta should not be left in the strainer. As soon as it is drained, it should be taken into the pan with hot sauce and cooked together by mixing with the sauce for 1 minute or so. In the meantime, if you add the pasta water reserved for the sauce will give flavor and consistency. Mixing pasta with enough sauce is very important. The sauce should be thoroughly smeared in the pasta, but the pasta should not float in the sauce. Grated cheese should be served on the table.

Note: If the amount of pasta is not too much, you can take it to the saucepan with a colander in a saucepan without using a strainer.

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